Start with the Whole

Growing health promoting plants from seed or from transplants is a transforming experience. Nurturing the tiny seedling from the beginning allows one to appreciate all that goes into the final medicine. That drop of essential oil takes on a whole new value when the gardener has nurtured the seedling into a full grown plant, harvested it at just the right time, distilled it with pure water and walked through every step over several months (or years).

Rosie, the 40L Alembic Copper Still

Plants which provide food and medicine must be grown and nurtured, harvested, and preserved. Tradition and science have given us clues as to how these whole botanicals may be utilized to promote wellness. Whether it is a salad, some Italian seasoning, a tincture, plant based body products, or an essential oil, it all starts with a lowly seed or propagation from an established parent plant.

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