Wellness Creed – Part 3

The whole person (body, mind, and spirit) is involved in maintaining good health.”

Wholistic wellness is about wholeness. When possible, Whole foods are used to nourish a Whole individual. The body, mind, and spirit work together, distinct, but inseparable.

The emerging scientific study of psychoneuroimmunology is dedicated to the intricate relationships between the mind and body. What you think in your mind affects the physical health of your body, and vice-versa. Mental and emotional stress impact physical illness and wellness. While science continues to demonstrate the interwoven nature of body and mind, it doesn’t offer much for the impact of spiritual wellness on the individual.

Traditionally, the body, mind, and spirit were not compartmentalized as they commonly are in our post-Age Of Reason Era. The reductionist mindset of the rationalist separates these, minimizing the impact of the spirit in favor of the mind, separate from the body. However, wholeness is achieved only when the whole individual is well in body, mind, and spirit. Body, mind, and spirit work together. When one part is not functioning as it was created to do, the others are significantly impacted.

What are you doing today to nurture your body? Your mind? Your spirit?

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