How to Help Micro-businesses

First, we need to define our terms. A micro-business is fully owned and primarily operated by one person or a single family or perhaps two persons in a partnership business. It is by definition small with five or fewer employees.

A micro-business is not a person working as a contracted representative for a larger entitity nor a franchise.

Micro-businesses are hard work. Very hard work. In the case of a solopreneur, the owner/operator does it all, from business management, accounting, marketing, sales, manufacturing, service performance, delivery, and customer service. These individuals are passionate about their work and must learn everything required to run a business to support their work. Think about that graphic you saw on social media advertising for an independent massage therapist – the massage therapist had to learn how to make that graphic and get it out on social media. The specialized training that your herbalist has in adaptogens came from years of study and thousands of dollars of schooling.

Without the large business departments and flashy marketing materials of larger businesses, micro-businesses still employ almost 25% of the workforce and comprise 85% of all businesses. (1)

How can you support a micro-business?

  • Learn to discern which businesses are actual micro-businesses.
  • “Like” and “Follow” them on social media.
  • Engage with Facebook posts and Instagram stories.
  • Share blog posts that you find compelling to encourage others to learn more about the micro-business offerings.
  • Go to classes, purchase products offered by the micro-business.
  • Write recommendations and reviews when you have received an excellent product or service.
  • Reach out to the owner and let them know you appreciate their efforts.



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