Wellness for Challenging Times

If you simply must be in the loop with the news, set a timer, and no more than twice a day, consume no more than 10 (or 15 or whatever works for you, but keep it short) minutes of news media per session. 24/7 news consumption is not healthy.

Get outdoors! Go for a walk, use an umbrella if needed, but try to get outside once or twice a day. Challenge: Whatever your media consumption time is…double that and walk outdoors or garden, or do some activity outside for at least that long! Ex.: Check the news online for about 15 minutes morning and afternoon, and try to get in 30 minutes for a walk or gardening session – once before lunch and once before dinner.

Moderate caffeine. It is far too easy to just keep pouring the coffee or black tea or pop all day long. Try switching to plain water or herbal tea after lunch. Bonus: try including some anti-anxiety nervines such as holy basil or chamomile, if these are not contraindicated for you.

Enjoy a 2 minute aromatherapy session. This can be as simple as a single drop of a favorite essential oil on a cotton ball cupped in the hands. If you need help choosing a scent or with learning how to consult a quick at-home aromatherapy session, feel free to reach out to me or your local qualified or Registered Aromatherapist(tm).

Play some light instrumental music during the day.

Increase vegetables and fruits when possible.

Keep things lighthearted after dinner. Build a jigsaw puzzle, draw, dance, watch a comedy, read a fun book (nothing too serious), play a board game or card game, especially one that usually evokes laughter.

Think of at least three things you are grateful for today.

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